Weißenstadt offers everything you need to stay healthy; tranquility, an exceptional climate and a beautiful, one-of-a-kind landscape. Since June of 1975, Weißenstadt is an acknowledged health resort.

Emperor Maximilian the first once called Weißenstadt the most curative place in all of Germany!

Radon, which can be used to treat a plethora of ailments, naturally occurs in the Weißenstadt area. In Weißenstadts resort, radon is being utilized in a unique radon-therapy pool, for baths, drinking cures and inhalations.

The medicinal properties of radon have been used for more than a hundred years now. In Weißenstadt this tradition was not only passed on, but expanded over the years.

The thermal water is extracted from 1,835 m below the surface at a temperature of 53 degrees celsius / 127,4 degrees Fahrenheit. It arrives at the wellhead at 32 degrees celsius / 89,6 degrees Fahrenheit. This thermal water drilling is the deepest drilling in Germany to completely rely on granite for material in the shaft. With 9 mg/l it is the water containing the most fluoride Germany-wide. The mineralisation is extraordinary, considering the geological dominance of granite in this region.

What Weißenstadt offers for your health is exceptional; bathing, wellness, massages, nordic walking, going for a walk, riding a bike – but most importantly
Pure happiness.

Wasserwelt Siebenquell
Siebenquell® GesundZeitResort
Kurzentrum Weissenstadt am See_Außenaufnahme
Health Resort Weissenstadt