Weißenstadt offers ideal conditions for cycling. Start your bike ride from Weißenstadt to the Nature Park Fichtelgebirge. A uniformly marked network of bike paths connects Weißenstadt with the surrounding neighboring towns.

Radfahren in Weißenstadt

Cyc­ling in and around Weißenstadt

The area around Weißen­stadt is ideal for cyc­ling. Even if our moun­tain­ous ter­rain offers some chal­lenges. Beside asphalt roads, there are forest paths and agri­cul­tur­al roads.

You can find detailed inform­a­tions and tour sug­ges­tions at the Tour­ism Cen­ter Fichtel­ge­birge.

WUN 1 — Sech­sämter Cyc­ling Tour

Dis­tance: 105 km; sport­ive tour, suit­able for 2 days
Weißen­stadt Kirchen­lam­itz Nieder­lam­itz Hohen­buch Großwendern Heidel­heim Schwar­zen­ham­mer Selb Häusel­lohe Sil­berbach Neuhaus a. d. Eger Hohen­berg a. d. Eger Neuen­reuth Neudür­rlas Thier­stein Thier­sheim Johan­neszeche Göp­fersgrün Holen­brunn Wun­siedel Schön­brunn Tröstau Leu­poldsdorf Vor­dorf Vierst Birk Weißenstadt

WUN 7 — lakes — bog — springs

Dis­tance: 39 km; sport­ive tour with slopes/gradients and inclines
Weißen­stadt Schön­lind Weißen­haid Eger­quelle Bis­chof­s­grün Met­zles­reuth Scham­les­berg Gottmanns­berg Gefrees Tannen­reuth Saale­quelle Rup­perts­grün Wei­h­er­höfen Weißenstadt

WUN 8 — Wun­siedel — Weißen­stadt lake

Dis­tance: 42 km, day trip with small gradient
Weißen­stadt Zigeu­ner­mühle Frohnlohe Ziegel­hütte Leh­sten Fichten­ham­mer Reich­oldsgrün Dürn­berg Röslau Biber­s­bach Wun­siedel Tröstau Leu­poldsdorf Waf­fen­ham­mer Vor­dorf Vierst Birk Grub Weißenstadt

WUN 10 — around the Schneeberg

Dis­tance: 50 km; chal­len­ging tour with slopes/gradients and inclines
Weißen­stadt Grub Mei­er­hof Birk Vierst Vor­dorf Leu­poldsdorf Tröstau Sil­ber­haus Fichtel­berg Neubau Karches Bis­chof­s­grün Birn­sten­gel Höhen­k­linik Bis­chof­s­grün Rudolf­stein Mei­er­hof Grub Weißenstadt

Cyc­ling and culin­ary delights — pub/inn tours

Is there any­thing bet­ter than a deli­cious Franconi­an snack and a cold beer after a cyc­ling tour through the won­der­ful nature of the Fichtelgebirge?

In the bro­chure „Bav­ari­an-Franconi­as pub/inn cyc­ling tours“ , you can find some great themed tours with typ­ic­al region­al res­taur­ants to stop by.
Have a look under Pub­/inn-cyc­ling-tours

From May 1st the Radl-Bus starts again

From may to Octo­ber there are addi­tion­al pos­sib­il­it­ies for cyc­lists with the Radelbus.
Plan extens­ive tour through the Fichtel­ge­birge and the Franconi­an Forest and use the bike bus to com­fort­able get back to your start­ing point after an extens­ive cyc­ling tour.
Our choose any start­ing point and start the return by bike form there.

Sched­ule 2019

The cur­rent sched­ule ist avail­able at the Kur-& Tour­ism inform­a­tion Weißen­stadt, we will send you the plan as well.

Bicycle rent­al with e‑bikes

The mod­ern bicycle rent­al „Fichtelrad“ offers rent­al bikes, courses and tours for groups and indi­vidu­als. The own­er Frank Süß has pur­chased 30 e‑bikes with vari­ous frame sizes and equip­ment (Hardtrail, Full, Trekking) and has also opened a beau­ti­ful, rus­tic café with beer garden, snacks and char­ging sta­tions in the dis­trict Rup­perts­grün as a meet­ing point for cyc­lists. Wheth­er dar­ing tours, com­fort­able excur­sions, trail fun uphill and down­hill, rid­ing tech­niques sem­inars, com­pany events, sum­mit tours to the main vant­age points or a leis­urely walk around the Lake Weißen­stadt — everything is pos­sible here!

Rup­perts­grün 13
95163 Weißenstadt
Tel: 0174 575 00 00

MTB-Cyc­ling tours

Up on the highest peak in the Fichtel­ge­birge, the Schnee­berg, the Großer Wald­stein and the Eppstein: Moun­tain bike fans will get their money’s worth!
Around Weißen­stadt there is a well-developed net­work espe­cially for moun­tain bike tours.


More detailed inform­a­tions about the Moun­tain bike tours in the entire Fichtel­ge­birge can be found on the web­site of the Act­ive region Upper Franconia. Here you can select dif­fer­ent tours.

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