Weißenstadt Lake

Weißenstadt lake (50 ha) is the biggest lake in Fichtelgebirge. Because of its central location in the region, it is a popular destiny for people of all ages.

Weißenstädter See am Abend

The artificially dammed up lake is located by the upper reaches of the Eger. The Eger and Hirtenbach feed into the lake. An historically interesting fact is that the lake was restored during the year 1976 in exactly the same spot where once the Weißenstädter Stadtweiher (Weißenstadt city lake) used to be up until 1820. The Weißenstädter Stadtweiher dried out because the dams were opened, creating 200 plots of farmland. The city bought back the land in the 70s and restored the lake once more, this time solely for recreational purposes.

The easily accessible lake is the perfect place for relaxation, resting and various recreational activities. The 4km / 2.5 miles long trail right by the lake is one of the most popular paths in Fichtelgebirge. Being handicapped accessible and an easy, comfortable walk, the trail is fun for people of all ages.

Sailing and surfing are allowed in a dedicated zone marked as „Sportzone“. The big parking lot by the southwestern part of the lake is very convenient if you are planning to visit. That’s also where the local sailing club is located. The use of Motorboats is forbidden.

Sit down on one of the countless benches by the lake and enjoy the fantastic view of Großer Waldstein and Schneeberg, which is the highest mountain in northern Bavaria.

The resort park and other surrounding areas of the lake are perfect for enjoying the serene landscape and the beautiful granite steles.


In 2018 the quality of bathing in the Weißenstadt lake was once again ratet „excellent“.

Auch im Jahr 2018 wurde die Badequalität unseres Weißenstädter Sees wieder mit "ausgezeichnet" bewertet!