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Adresse: Im Quellenpark 1

The Wei­ßen­stadt by the Lake Health Resort ope­ned in August of 2007. The Resort Hotel is high­ly regar­ded for its 4* atmo­s­phe­re, excel­lent food, the ama­zing view and its expan­si­ve bat­hing and well­ness area. Whe­ther you pre­fer to try out the sau­na, enjoy the ther­mal bath or relax during a mas­sa­ge – you can do all of the­se things at the hotel. In the win­ter as well as the sum­mer, a pletho­ra of recrea­tio­nal acti­vi­ties is being offe­red in and around the resort. The beau­ti­ful lake and Fich­tel­ge­bir­ge are per­fect desti­na­ti­ons for hiking, riding a bike or nor­dic wal­king. Perhaps you would pre­fer a stroll into town? The area is as diver­se as it is lovely. Go on an excur­si­on offe­red by the resort, then relax back at the hotel. Enjoy a soot­hing radon-the­ra­py ses­si­on or a rela­xing fan­go pack or some­thing else ent­i­re­ly. You have more than 100 tre­at­ments to choo­se from, all of which aim to impro­ve your health.


The healing radon gas is bene­fi­cial not only to the who­le city of Wei­ßen­stadt. Espe­cial­ly the Wei­ßen­stadt Health Resort, which ope­ned in 2007, bene­fits from the gas. The Health Resort uti­li­zes all forms of tre­at­ment that radon has to offer. In a dedi­ca­ted area, radon is used in baths, an inha­la­ti­on room and a pool. Addi­tio­nal­ly, the Resort con­tains a foun­tain you can use for radon drin­king cures. Radons healing pro­per­ties can impro­ve pro­blems with your skin, respi­ra­to­ry tract, your spi­ne and joints and even rheu­ma­tic issu­es. The reme­di­al effects are very long-las­ting as they can remain for several months.

The resort offers more than 100 dif­fe­rent tre­at­ments, be it a tra­di­tio­nal mas­sa­ge, a soot­hing bath, a fan­go pack, lymph drai­na­ge or phy­sio­the­ra­py. Our High­lights are car­bon dioxi­de the­ra­py and full-body cryotherapy.

The car­bon dioxi­de the­ra­py widens the arte­ri­al blood ves­sels and boosts blood cir­cu­la­ti­on by trea­ting the skin with CO2 gas.

Spen­ding up to 3 minu­tes in a cryoch­am­ber with a tem­pe­ra­tu­re of ‑166 degrees Fahrenheit/ ‑110 degrees Cel­si­us can dimi­nish pain drasti­cal­ly, redu­ce inflamma­ti­on, impro­ve joint- and mus­cle-func­tion and impro­ve well-being in general.

Find more infor­ma­ti­on here: www​.kur​zen​trum​-weis​sen​stadt​.de


Radon is a natu­ral­ly occur­ring, radio acti­ve noble gas, which has always exis­ted in soil, rock, water and air. It is, howe­ver, hard to find the amounts nee­ded for radon the­ra­py. The gra­ni­te cor­ri­dors of Weis­sen­stadt have been tes­ted and pro­ved to be excep­tio­nal­ly rich in radon. In 1900, Fried­rich Ernst Dorn was the first to dis­co­ver radon. The term radon was first estab­lis­hed in 1923. Accord­ing to medi­ci­nal radon bal­neo­lo­gy, the noble gas sti­mu­la­tes the immu­ne sys­tem and heals ailm­ents. The radon can be absor­bed eit­her through the skin during baths or through inha­la­ti­on. For over 100 years, radon has been sci­en­ti­fi­cal­ly stu­di­ed and is now main­ly used in three ways. In radon baths, radon is absor­bed through the skin. Radon can also be inha­led or even used for drin­king cures, whe­re the radon is absor­bed through the gastro­in­tes­ti­nal tract.



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