Health Resort Weissenstadt

Adresse: Im Quellenpark 1

The Weißenstadt by the Lake Health Resort opened in August of 2007. The Resort Hotel is highly regarded for its 4* atmosphere, excellent food, the amazing view and its expansive bathing and wellness area. Whether you prefer to try out the sauna, enjoy the thermal bath or relax during a massage – you can do all of these things at the hotel. In the winter as well as the summer, a plethora of recreational activities is being offered in and around the resort. The beautiful lake and Fichtelgebirge are perfect destinations for hiking, riding a bike or nordic walking. Perhaps you would prefer a stroll into town? The area is as diverse as it is lovely. Go on an excursion offered by the resort, then relax back at the hotel. Enjoy a soothing radon-therapy session or a relaxing fango pack or something else entirely. You have more than 100 treatments to choose from, all of which aim to improve your health.


The healing radon gas is beneficial not only to the whole city of Weißenstadt. Especially the Weißenstadt Health Resort, which opened in 2007, benefits from the gas. The Health Resort utilizes all forms of treatment that radon has to offer. In a dedicated area, radon is used in baths, an inhalation room and a pool. Additionally, the Resort contains a fountain you can use for radon drinking cures. Radons healing properties can improve problems with your skin, respiratory tract, your spine and joints and even rheumatic issues. The remedial effects are very long-lasting as they can remain for several months.

The resort offers more than 100 different treatments, be it a traditional massage, a soothing bath, a fango pack, lymph drainage or physiotherapy. Our Highlights are carbon dioxide therapy and full-body cryotherapy.

The carbon dioxide therapy widens the arterial blood vessels and boosts blood circulation by treating the skin with CO2 gas.

Spending up to 3 minutes in a cryochamber with a temperature of -166 degrees Fahrenheit/ -110 degrees Celsius can diminish pain drastically, reduce inflammation, improve joint- and muscle-function and improve well-being in general.

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Radon is a naturally occurring, radio active noble gas, which has always existed in soil, rock, water and air. It is, however, hard to find the amounts needed for radon therapy. The granite corridors of Weissenstadt have been tested and proved to be exceptionally rich in radon. In 1900, Friedrich Ernst Dorn was the first to discover radon. The term radon was first established in 1923. According to medicinal radon balneology, the noble gas stimulates the immune system and heals ailments. The radon can be absorbed either through the skin during baths or through inhalation. For over 100 years, radon has been scientifically studied and is now mainly used in three ways. In radon baths, radon is absorbed through the skin. Radon can also be inhaled or even used for drinking cures, where the radon is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract.



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