Werra Mine

The guided tours are an interesting experience for locals and tourists alike. Though they are only held in German, the mines themselves are worth visiting.

The tin ore mine has been opened exclusively for guided tours on the 6th of July in 2016 after extensive remodeling and preparation. A tunnel from the 18th century served as a foundation for this cassiterite mine. Tungsten and pewter were of great significance between 1929 and 1945. The mine was extended to a total length of almost 4 kilometers / 2.5 miles between 1949 and 1957. The mine received the code name „Zinnerz-Untersuchungsbetrieb“ (tin ore examination facility and ended up reaching 280 meters below the surface. Today, a total of 300 meters of that tunnel is accessible during tours. The road leading up to the mine (about 1km / 0.6 miles) offers a lot of information on how the mines origin.

Guided tours are offered from may to September each year. Between the months of October to April, the mine is closed. During this time it offers shelter to many local bat species.

Tours 2020:

June, July, September: Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm
More dates will be announced or can be arranged

Please sign up for tours here:

Kur- & Tourist Information Weißenstadt
Wunsiedler Straße 4
95163 Weißenstadt
Phone number: 09253 / 95031
Fax: 09253 / 95039
E-Mail Adress: tourist@weissenstadt.de
Max. Group size: 10 people + 1 guide

Entrance fee:
• adults: 8 EUR
• 6-17 years of age: 6 EUR 
kids younger than 6 years cannot participate

Please note that the entrance fee must be transferred to the account below with the subject line „Werra“ before the tour starts.

Sparkasse Hochfranken
sort code: 780 500 00
Bank account number: 620 280 164
IBAN: DE12 7805 0000 0620 2801 64


Vor dem Bergwerk

Helmets with headlights and waterproof jackets will be provided.

The tour includes a short hike (1.3 km / 0.8 miles) to the mine and back. Sturdy shoes (water-repellent if possible) are a good choice since there are several water streams inside the mine.

Usually the tour takes about 3 hours.

Starting and end point: parking lot Lederer near Rudolfstein

Have a great time and GLÜCK AUF!