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Adresse: Thermenallee 1

Sie­ben­quell Gesund­Zeit­Re­sort com­bi­nes (on almost 100,000 squa­re meters) a four-star-supe­ri­or hotel with the newest Spa in Ger­ma­ny. The pool com­plex, sau­na area, Gesund­Zeit­Rei­se, the gym and the spa gua­ran­tee rela­xa­ti­on at the hig­hest level.

Rela­xa­ti­on in the Spa Area

The ther­mal water from 2000 meters below the sur­face in its very uni­que com­po­si­ti­on is high­ly sui­ta­ble for deep rela­xa­ti­on and cosy com­fort. Fol­low the traces of Anci­ent Rome and Egypt, bathe like Cleo­pa­tra, enjoy the tre­a­su­res of the Dead Sea in a floa­ting bath with under­wa­ter sounds.

Tra­vel trough time and expe­ri­ence hund­reds of years worth of spa and beau­ty tre­at­ments. Eight sau­nas are avail­ab­le. Some fea­ture a spe­cial the­me such as wood work­shop, stone shaping, mining, bak­e­ry and bre­we­ry, all of which shaped the regi­on. A small cha­pel offers a quiet space for reflec­tion. Chris­tenings and wed­dings can be held the­re too.

The Hotel

The four-star-supe­ri­or hotel offers a total of 124 rooms and 224 beds.
The com­for­ta­ble rooms all inclu­de a bal­co­ny or a ter­race and an ama­zing view over the sur­roun­ding, magi­cal forests and sum­mits of the Fich­tel­ge­bir­ge. Sin­ce each room is equip­ped with a mini bar, an electric kett­le, WIFI, a safe and a flat TV, the rooms offer a gre­at deal of com­fort. The bathrooms are modern and meet the hig­hest stan­dards.

Enjoy the Local Cui­sine

One out of four restau­rants can be found in the Spa area. The other three restau­rants and bars ser­ve regio­nal, fran­co­ni­an cui­sine, mou­thwa­te­ring steaks and inter­na­tio­nal snacks.

Par­ti­ci­pa­te in an array of tre­at­ments, lan­tern walks, coo­ke­ry cour­ses, ski­ing, nor­dic wal­king, moun­tain biking, gol­fing and several other acti­vi­ties. Sie­ben­quell Gesund­Zeit­Re­sort pro­vi­des a wide varie­ty of leisu­re acti­vi­ties!

The­se acti­vi­ties are regu­lar­ly offe­red at Sie­ben­quell®:

• Pee­ling day at the Gesund­Zeit­Rei­se: Mon­days 2 pm – 8 pm
• Cock­tail Hap­py Hour at the Pool­bar in in the pool area: Tues­days 7 pm – 9 pm
• nude bat­hing in the Gesund­Zeit­Rei­se area: second Fri­day of every mon­th 6 pm – 10 pm
• Weiß­wurscht Früh­shop­pen in the sau­na area: Satur­days and Sundays 11 am – 1:30 pm
• Cock­tail Hap­py Hour at the Kamin­fla­cke­rei: Fri­days 8 pm – 11 pm
• Pia­no night at the Kamin­fla­cke­rei: Satur­days 8 pm – 11 pm
• time for reflec­tion in the Sie­ben­quell cha­pel: Thurs­days, star­ting at 5 pm
• hike with or without snow­shoes: Tues­days & Thurs­days 10:30 am
• evening of dance at the Kamin­lounge: second Tues­day of every mon­th

Sub­ject to chan­ge.

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