PEMA Rogg-In

The information centre „ROGG IN“ in Weißenstadt is unique in Germany. In addition to a wealth of information on the cultivation, processing and significance of rye, visitors can expect sensual experiences.

Rogg in Museum

Since the begin­ning of July 2014, the Rogg-In has enriched the cul­tur­al land­scape of the Fichtel­ge­birge. Here vis­it­ors of all ages exper­i­ence rye, the „golden of the region“, inter­act­ively and in a vari­ety of ways.

In an object­ive way, the Rogge-In inter­acts with sen­su­al exper­i­ences and philo­soph­ic­al per­spect­ives to con­vey the cul­tur­al-his­tor­ic­al and nutri­tion­al-physiolo­gic­al sig­ni­fic­ance of rye and its preciousness.

  • the lock of half-knowledge
  • the golden of the region
  • Poetry of processing

The approx. 2000 m² „rye garden“ invites you to linger and become an oas­is of peace and relaxation

Prof. ROG­GIN waits for chil­dren in each theme area and lets them play­fully exper­i­ence the rye and its contents.

Fur­ther inform­a­tions can be found at www​.rogg​-in​.de or mail@​rogg-​in.​de

Goeth­es­tr. 25 — 95163 Weißen­stadt — Tel. 09253–954 62 24 — Fax: 09253–89 40 

Open­ing hours:
-Thursday, Fri­day and Sat­urday are open from 13.30 to 17.00!
-Closed on pub­lic hol­i­days
-Groups of 8 per­sons or more can call 09253/89–39 for oth­er open­ing times!